A Brief Introduction of Islam's God

A Brief Introduction of Islam's God

A brief introduction of islam’s God

In the name of God, The Almighty, The Merciful.

Introducing Islam’s God briefly can be very hard and complicated, God in a unique religion with significant and fragile differences with the rest of the religions in many ways.

Islam thinks of many religious affairs in another way. There are considerable differences with other religions, including its conception of God and his unity, his excellence, his prophet, the universe and creature’s obligations, etc.

In this article we are going to go over Islam’s God only, not other moods. Islam thinks about God as the first and the last, the eternal and the infinite, the almighty and the omniscient, the compassionate and the merciful, the magnificent and the friend. In a sentence, he is the only possessor of all excellence. There is no partner for him, but also he is the creator of any partners. There is no wife, no son or daughter for him. There is no more god in the world except him. Let me say: There is no god except Allah.

Allah is the personal name of Islam’s God. Islam tries to address its god by Allah because other equivalents cannot express real God in the world as this name can. As calling  him by other names instead of Allah may convey some other unwanted connotations which are accepted in other creeds.

Explaining Muhammad’s god, who is the real god without any fictions and unreal thoughts, and separating him from other gods in other creeds requires more explanations by taking Qur’an’s expressions applying God’s introduction by him. Because such this introduction can be closer to the reality and give us a first-hand look as an auto biography. But it requires a longer article.

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