How to convey your feelings to Allah

How to convey your feelings to Allah

How to Convey Your Feelings To Allah

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In the name of Allah, the first and the last and blessings be upon our holy prophet, Muhammad, and his purified progeny

Beyond any doubt, communicating with God is regarded as a vital requirement in each person’s life, for which there are no substitutions.

 Allah as the only god in the universe has a permanent presence in each heart, an omnipresent and omniscient god who knows every possible emotion that will occur inside creature spirits before coming, a lord that every happening occurs by order of him, an almighty god who can solve every potential events, a guide and friend to his creatures.

Making communication with such this possessor of all excellence can be an easy work. It does not require attending a specific place or saying a special prayer or calling him out loud. It just requires to imagine your God beside you, being very eager to listen to you asking for needs and protection. There is no need to present your request very clear and with details to convey your request well and free from any ambiguity or any go-between to take your message. That is because Allah knows everything, even before coming and is present everywhere, even your heart and spirit as well. That is why you are able to experience your first-hand relationship with your own God and tell him what you wish for.

So due to such excellence of Allah and ease of making communication with him, it is worth  starting  a permanent connection with him without no interruption and a hard one that nothing can disrupt it and think of him all the time as he thinks of us all the time and see his continued leadership and power via our lives. In short, it is worthy to begin a new chapter of our lives with our new picture of real God, which was propagated by his real prophets (peace be upon them).

There are significant differences between Islam’s God, Allah, and other gods in other creeds. This god cannot be compared with them. What is the similarity between such this god, who is the owner of all excellence, and one who is living far from our world or one who is not aware of all events and feelings or one who knows but is not that powerful to solve every issue or one who is limited and does not conduct everything happening all around the universe and is able to solve just some of his creature narrow needs?!

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