What Is Islam

What Is Islam

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Islam is the name of the last sacred religion which the Almighty God sent down to His last prophet, Muhammad ibn Abdullah(pbuh), for all human beings. Those who believe in Islam are called Muslims. The holy scripture of Islam is called ‘Quran’ which was sent down to its prophet from the Almighty God as a guidance for humankind.

 The birthplace of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh) and Islam was the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East with Arabic language. That is why its name is an Arabic word. The word ‘islam’ literally has various meanings such as submission, surrender, obedience, and peace. Islam as the name of the mentioned religion means submission to the will of God and His commandments. Islam means to be in obedience to God’s teachings. The name of this religion refers to the main spirit of the teachings of all of the sacred religions. In fact, religion in its true meaning is nothing but surrender and submission to the Almighty God.

In other words, obedience and submission to God is the common spirit of all of the religions and exclusive regulations which belong to each religion are bodies of them. Although the bodies of the religions might differ for conditions of time and place and their territories, the spirit of the religions would never change. Therefore, in a sense all of the religions can be called ‘Islam’; for instance, Christianity is the Islam of Jesus’s time and Judaism is the Islam of Moses’s time.

No religion has been sent down from God since the revelation of Islam as it will not be revealed. Therefore the content of this religion is complete and is able to fulfill all real human needs. It considers the real program of felicity forever and for all human beings.

Indeed, Islam confirms all the previous prophets and their religions and counts this confirmation as an essential part of Islamic belief.

The purpose of Islam, like all of the other sacred religions, is to help humankind reach the real happiness and due to the point that Islam is the last religion as its prophet is the last prophet of the prophetic chain in a way that no one will be sent to the people anymore as a messenger from God it contains the most complete and the most comprehensive program to provide human being with felicity.

This program contains three general parts: beliefs, ethics, and regulations. Some of the Islamic teachings, like all of the other divine religions, are connected with rules and regulations, which are called ‘Shariah’, to which every believer must be in obedience on every occasion and in every place.

The second part, which is called ethics, teaches the ways of acquiring stable moral virtues, those which cause good deeds to be performed easily by the possessor of them. The third part, which is the most important, concerns beliefs which are in fact the basis of the two.

According to the Islamic teachings, ethics and regulations will not be accepted without truthful beliefs nor can anyone reach felicity without them.

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