Islam V.S Other Religions

Islam V.S Other Religions

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In this part we are going to discuss Islam’s position toward other religions as well as its exclusive characteristics in comparison with them. It is good to notice this point that what we mean are only the divine religions, which were sent down form the Almighty God to His apostles as guidance to humankind, not all of the creeds.

As we mentioned in the previous part-What Is Islam? - Islam respects all of the sacred religions. Belief in the truthfulness of them and the holiness of all of the prophets are counted as parts of Islamic beliefs. That is because all of the prophets were God’s pure slaves who served as intermediaries between the Almighty God and people. They were deliverer of  the Divine Commandments to the people and did all in their power to perform this mission. They all invited people to worship God alone, obey His rules, believe in the Hereafter. Belief and faith in truthfulness of all of the prophets and confirmation of their teachings are essential according to the Islamic point of view and in this sense, there is no difference between them.

What distinguish Islam from other religions are two features; 1.Islam is the last Divine Faith after which no new religion will appear. All of the religions prior Islam were limited to specific time, area or both, but Islam is not restricted to any limits of time or place. Indeed, Islam is the only faith which has widespread teachings for all of human beings on every time and every space.

All of the previous religions before Islam were bearers of the news of the appearance of a new religion after them but Islam. Because Islam was supposed to conclude the chain of religions. Islam frankly announced that no prophet and religion would come after it.

Islam is the most complete religion amongst the others. That is why it proclaimed the expiration of the other religions and being follower of any religion except Islam was declared illegal and unacceptable before the Almighty God as a result.

2. The solely religion which has an eternal and living miracle is Islam. The great miracle of the prophet of Islam is the Quran. The Quran is a lasting miracle which already exists. This holy book was sent down from the Almighty God to the heart of the prophet, Muhammad (pbuh). Every truth seeker can realize the truthfulness of Islam through the Quran on every occasion and place. The importance of having been miracle is of so high degree that the Quran itself emphasized this fact with the language of challenging and inviting disbelievers to reject its claim. The Quran with a loud voice invites those who have doubt about the truthfulness of the Quran and Islam to compile something like it. This call has remained unanswered throughout the history and become an important evidence for truthfulness of Islam.

We should point out the important fact concluded from our discussion so far. It is understood from our explanations that all of the sacred religions and God’s messengers are confirmed by Islam and their teachings were in compliance with the Islamic teachings. It is also understood that the previous religions like Christianity and Judaism were limited to particular periods of time and they became unlawful after the Islam’s appearance, therefore they carry nothing but the names of the faiths which were truthful in the past. In fact, a real Christian or Jew is a person who converts to Islam and confirms its teachings, the fact which was asserted by their own religions.

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